Trauma Queen

Vice President


None of the drama, all of the trauma.

Claymont, DE …transplanted to West Chester.

Mom to Little Trauma, and love to cook and write in my food blog,


Taking pictures of food, feeding people, the law of attraction, and a classic mojito.

Dramatics, stinkbugs, and bullshit artists.

Latin, Silversun Pickups, Journey, The Sundays, 80s/90s rap, I could go on.

Mile-high hair, never played a sport, boy crazy, and drove a 1980 VW Scirocco.

Assessing for Level 3 – doing an inside whip with Savage when she took out my skate, causing me to fall flat on my ass. Koach says, “Wanna try that again?”

Little Trauma (my mini-me and future roller girl)

Born on skates. Skated in my neighborhood circle...around and around from dawn til dusk, listening to Journey on my Walkman, only breaking to pee and eat.

The guys love it, the girls think I’m off my rocker.

Ricky Martin, hot fudge brownie sundaes, and ghost stories.