Sin Ickle


Have you met me?

I don't really have one … but I claim Boston as my home.

Just call me Robin Hood

I like everybody and everything … not!

Beets, there is no good reason for them to be on this planet.

Grateful Dead, Showtunes and Disco

I was trouble with a capital T ... 5 years of high school and 50 suspensions later …

Giving a leg whip to Koach and forgetting I was not wearing any knee pads

all my children have paws

3-5 days a week, every week, 52 weeks a year


A day on the couch watching chick flicks while eating port wine cheese and wheat thin crackers in my jammies

I followed the grateful dead for 10 years, lived in a Volkswagon van for many of those years and sold grilled cheese sandwiches to make my way around the world.