She-vil Deeds


I wanted to see if I could create an evil derby persona because in real life, I am probably one of the nicest people you will ever meet. I wanted to be my complete opposite. So the thought came to mind to take "Evil Deeds" and change it to "She-vil Deeds" to make it a more devilish woman's name. Let's hope I can live up to it!

Grew up in Alloway, New Jersey. Ever heard of "Cowtown"? But now I live in Downingtown, PA.

Project Manager for Pharmaceutical Advertising

Camping, doggies, traveling

Drama, Asparagus

Indie rock, folk, some pop

I was always the weird girl, but fit in with every group. It was not uncommon to see me with purple, black, red or blue hair; in college it was dreadlocks. Played lots of basketball and softball in my day.

I think that is yet to come…and probably many. Ask me next year.

Dogs…Sasha and Molly

Hadn’t skated since I was 12 years old and was skating at ALL-Skate in Bridgeton, New Jersey

They all think it's amazing and cannot wait to see me bout. Since Dame Thrower is my sister, I think a lot of people are excited to the sister rivalry come out. My husband just wants to see girls in fishnets and short skirts fighting.

A bottle of wine, my couch and a tv.

I worked a second job at a dog groomer for 4 years as a dog bather. I studying photography in college and was a photographer for many years. I sometimes dress up for colonial reenactments with my parents. I can change my own oil and wire my own electrical outlets.