Fear N. Loathin'

Production Chair

.357 Magnum

I love reading Hunter S. Thompson. The term Fear and Loathing came from his perceived descent of American society into moral degeneracy. I have the Gonzo fist tattooed to my right ankle.

Originally Ardmore, now West Bradford

I'm a pediatric nurse practitioner and a mom.

Jammer, inside blocker

Honesty, people who are direct and to the point...no bullsh*t.

Fake people and getting lost.

Old school punk...I love music in general...I have pretty much everything on my IPhone.

I was a Dead Head...that was a long time ago.

Coming out of the penalty box, I thought I was the jammer when I was actually the pivot.I had jammed 3 laps before I realized which panty I had on my head.

1 son...love him!

I used to skate as a kid all the time.

I have found that the people who are most supportive are the people you would never suspect.

People magazine...it’s such trash but I love it...truly mindless.