I mean....do I have to explain that?

Phoenixville, PA

I'm a wife, mother of two beautiful daughters ages 9 & 10. I work, a lot.

Back Blocker

Music (it's my life). Food. Fun.

Jerks. People that can't find kindness to share.

I truly like everything. I have yet to encounter a genre of music that I dislike, since I like a little bit of everything. I grew up in the 80's, so many of those slow songs hold a piece of my heart.

When I wasn't cutting class - my most favorite subjects were Choir and Gym. I used to cut study hall to go to Gym class. Who does that?

I was coming out of the box for a particularly heinous crime, and I tripped over the tape (the rope under the tape particularly) and fell right down on my bum. RIGHT as the announcer said "and Emma D JennaRat goes DOWN out of the box!". Cue red face.

Get off my lawn!

As a kid, I spent every Saturday at the Kimberton Roller Rink. I used to win races for free drinks and food. I never set foot on skates again until February 2011, when I joined the Brandywine Roller Girls!

They all think I'm bad ass. Which I am. In case you were wondering.

None of my pleasures are guilty. Muwahahahahaaaa.

My age! And this funny thing I can do with my tongue....