Dame Thrower


Just like a flame thrower, I burn bitches up. (can I say that?)

Originally from Alloway, NY - Current resident of West Chester, PA

I'm a VP

Pivot and Back Blocker

Dogs, Long Island iced teas, wig parties, bar fights, booty blocking, star gazing.

Stress, war, global warming, animal cruelty

Anything that requires laser lights and oversized sunglasses.

Awkward and badly dressed.

Do I have to pick just one?

Where? HIDE!

Since 2010.

My parents love it and come to almost every bout. Same with my husband, but he hates that I’m never home! And my 90 year-old Nana says: "Remember, you're not 18 anymore."

Judge Judy, Maury and Fla-Vor-Ice.

How old I am.