Chuck Her Norris

(JER) 29:11

With your last name being Norris why would you pass this up? Also I have a small background in mauy thai.

Johnsontown born and raised!! (where most of Downingtown's Italian Americans reside)

I’m a professional baby, children and family shooter.. I mean photographer. I have run my own business, Bella Photography for over 8 years.

Jammer / Blocker

Over sized sunglasses, cooking (I am Italian it runs in my blood) helping orphans in mexico, my husband, SPLENDA, and Coffee

Mean people

Great vocals!!! Etta james, patsy cline, Brooke Fraser, Hillsong, The Kantinas, Kirk Franklin, Israel Hutton, The Jeff Martinez Band and musica dall'abbruzzo.

The photo geek who could stick a pen through her tongue piercing and the catcher for the softball team. Also the girl who could skateboard and aggressive inline better than the boys!

Coming soon... But until then my two dogs Bella and Willow

I love being on wheels!! When I was young I speed skated on quads then I went to skateboarding then to aggressive inline skating then to inline speed skating and now back to quads!

Not surprised. My mother would tell my sister and I before we went to play "girls please don't hurt the boys."

Wearing funny fake teeth, over sized sunglasses, listening to Frankie, Dino, and Mario.

I teach 4th and 5th grade girls the good news every Sunday morning.