Farewell to the Girls of 2015, and Hello to all of the Derby in 2016!


You may notice a slight, but important name change for Brandywine. We’ve decided to replace “Girls” with “Derby”. Best said by our President, Rapid ArrhythMIA, “I look around this league and I don’t see any girls, do you?” Whether it be the people on the track, those officiating on-skates or off, or the wonderful wizards who work hard behind-the-scenes to keep this league running…the term Girls does not quite cover it. Bear with us as we roll-out this change in each aspect of the league. Look for a new and improved website coming in early 2016!

Brandywine Roller Derby (BRD) is excited to kick off the 2016 season at the Chester County Sports Arena (formerly known as Caln Skating Center).  The rink has been upgraded to match the talents and aspirations of all BRD members.  Before we jump into 2016 here is what was accomplished in the 2015 season.

All three of the BRD travel teams will be returning for 2016. The Brute Squad is a team for our newest skaters to learn the game while experiencing playing against other competitive leagues.  In 2015 the Brutes faced off against Reading and Southern Delaware to take home two close wins.   The talent that has been molded and experience gained will be put to good use as they look for opportunities with the Brawlers in 2016.

The Brawlers are a higher intensity travel team and are expected to attend games requiring overnight travel.  Many of the seasoned veterans and transfer skaters play at this BRD level. As well as Brutes looking to take there game up a notch. They started off the season with tough losses to Suburbia’s Backyard Bullies and DC’s National Maulers, and a win over Morristown JDB.  This brought us to a big weekend for the Brawlers, where they traveled with the All-Stars to Pittsburgh and Ohio. A tough loss to the Steel Beamers Saturday night and a brutal drive to Ohio overnight had the Brawlers pumped and ready to take home the win against Central Ohio Sunday morning before the long drive home.  Next up was the Bluestockings and Two River Roller Derby where quality wins were earned for the Brawlers.  This wasn’t the last time the Brawlers saw Two Rivers, to end the season a hard fought game that came down to the last jam Two Rivers too the final win. This is the start of a great rivalry to lead into the 2016 season. In 2015 the Brawlers ended up 4-4.

The Belligerents, BRD’s All-Star travel team, maintained their momentum in 2015 with hard work, dedication and perseverance to make a second trip to the Women’s Flat Track Derby Associations (WFTDA) Division 2 playoffs. The 2015 season for the Belligerents was a truly winning season with a 10-5 record.  The season started off with wins against Suburbia and DC.  The Belligerents then traveled to Columbia, SC for Southern Discomfort their first tournament weekend of the year.  The Belligerents came out of the weekend 2-1, suffering their only loss to the hosts.  Next up was a hard fought loss against Steel City where the Belligerents bounced back for a definitive win against Maine the following morning.  The Belligerents saw a lot of travel in 2015.  The next trip took them to Kallamazoo, MI to face Killamazoo where they pulled out a narrow win and Milwaukee, WI for a very close loss to Brew City.

Upon returning home they faced Ithaca for a win to end the regular season and await playoff rankings and seeding. The Belligerents earned a spot to the D2 playoff in Cleveland, OH entering the tournament as the 10th seed. The Belligerents saw St. Chux in the first round with a hard loss by only 10 points.  Rebounding from the consolation bracket in the second round with a win over Treasure Valley, to move into the third round for another clear win over Oklahoma Victory Dolls.  This afforded the Belligerents a rematch against St. Chux in the 4th round where it once again came down to the final jam with a one-point loss. In every game, as we had seen over the season, the Belligerents left it all on the track to come out in 6th place.The hard work paid off where Brandywine Roller Derby enters the 2016 season in 54th place for WFTDA and has their sites set on taking home the D2 championship trophy.

Through some scheduling challenges BRD was left with an open game slot in October.  It was a quick decision to end the season with a revival of the home teams that had been retired after the 2013 season.   Veteran skaters were returned to the last home team for which they played and all new to BRD skaters were drafted to round out the teams.  The home teams were a nice change of pace where all league skaters played together independent of their placement on the travel teams.  The exciting morning ended with the Brass Knuckle Betties taking home the win, the Spell Razors were close behind and the Fallen Debutantes had everyone covered in glitter.

2015 was an excellent season.  Brandywine Roller Derby hit the track hard for the 2016 season on January 12th, be on the lookout for schedule information and how to join as a skater or volunteer.   Who are we? B-R-D!

Recap: Star Wars – Revenge of the Hits Doubleheader 11/15/15!

Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream, wait…What? Roller derby is played inside you say? With ongoing renovations to the rink and the roof you wouldn’t have thought so. After a small delay for mopping the ceiling and the floor the Brawlers took the floor against Two Rivers Sunday November 15th the first of a double header. This was the second time the two teams met this year. This game showed some new faces for the Brawlers, recent transfer BB Sting from Carolina Quad Squad, recent transfer Bomb Schell from Southern Delaware and Fresh Meat graduate Lauren Ruggiero.

The Brawlers started off with lead jammer awarded to Drop, Pop and Lock. Ratkowski (nee Emma D. JennaRat) then knocked out a blocker to become a goat allowing Bomb Schell to score 12 points. This was the first of what became approximately a gazillion lead changes of the course of the game. Next jam showcased our other transfer as BB Sting knocked out opposing jammer and ran her back which allowed mErica to score 4 points as a non-lead jammer. Then Poppy stepped up to the plate and pick up lead again, while she added another 4 points. Fear ‘N Loathin’ came on the track as the Brawlers’ fifth jammer of the morning and busted through the front wall getting lead. The morning caffeine must have kicked in because the next several jams resulted in Two Rivers getting lead. However, the Brawlers’ jammers were quick to follow. This yielded short points for Two Rivers that caused another lead change.


The defense took charge when the blocking team of BB, Rat, DonT Bea Baby and Holly WallBangHer decided they had had enough. They held the Two Rivers’ Blocker for 1:25 only allowing her to go ¾ of a lap. Not to be outdone, Rontanamo Bay, Walker, Marissa Berlin and Optimist Prime held the jammer for 1:40 following an epic Ronton SMASH that laid her out. WallBangHer took the track again and delivered her own Earth shaking hit and Phlox got a power jam. But disaster struck when Phlox served back to back to back penalties. As a result, Rat and BangHer turned on beast mode and delivered teeth jarring hits. The next jam Prime did some recycling and Rat delivered another more hits and forced a call off with no points scored. This brought us to half time with Two Rivers on top 75 to 66.


Second half the little train that could, Poppy, put up a 15 point jam that caused another lead change. Schell added 5points. Then two quick lead jams to Two Rivers and the lead changed back. There was a panty pass to BB and more organ rearranging hits from Ronton.


Consistent lead jammer status lead to Two Rivers’ 16 point lead. A power jam followed and it turned to a 37 point spread. Just when it looked like Two Rivers was pulling away Fear Lo and mErica threw up 14 points. Phlox got a power jam and scored 15 points but in the end it wasn’t enough. Two Rivers took this one 184 to 165.

We were happy to host the second game of the morning which featured Pennsylvania All-Stars (PAAS) against Team Maryland. The Brandywine Belligerents were well represented on PAAS by Skinny Guinea, Lurz Lemon, Buenos D. A$$ and Rapid ArrhythMIA, and on Team Maryland by Slamshine Allie. Team Maryland seemed no challenge for PAAS as they took lead jammer after lead jammer. One jam resulted in PAAS defense holding Team MD jammer for the full 2 minutes. At half time PAAS was in the lead 108-53. The second half was much of the same with Lurz and Buenos putting on toe stop clinic for all to see. Final score 216-90.


As usual, Andrew Keyes – Derby Photography provided us with fantastic pictures from Sunday morning’s games!

Not Your Typical Beef & Beer


Join BRG at Hannum’s Harley-Davidson in Chadds Ford, PA on Saturday August, 8th for an amazing night of great food (Couch Tomato Cafe, Whole Foods – Glen Mills, Master’s Baker) and refreshing beverages (Victor Beer and Exton Beverage). There will be a silent auction that you won’t want to miss! Tickets can be purchased here!

This FUNdraiser will assist the Belligerents with travel expenses later in August to the WFTDA Playoffs in Cleveland, OH. This is the 2nd year in a row that BRG will make an appearance in the D2 Divisional Playoffs! Read about it on WFTDA.com and The Daily Local!

You can find out more information on our Facebook event page! Don’t miss out on our Booster.com tshirt fundraiser; a unique design created by our very own Optimist Prime!