Recap: BRG vs DC

Is there any better way to start a Sunday than with roller derby and PUPPIES?!? The SPCA  and some of their sweetest dogs joined BRG for an early morning double header against the DC Rollergirls.

Game 1: The Brawlers vs The National Maulers

The first jam of the Brawler’s game set the tone for the rest of the match. Drop Pop N Lock faced off against one of DC’s finest jammers, Oxford Commakaze. Both jammers struggled to break through the tight wall of blockers, but in the end it was Poppy who was able to break free and claim the title of lead jammer. Poppy raced to pick up four points for BRG and call the jam before Oxford Commakaze was able to score any points. The two teams seemed to be pretty evenly matched.

Jammers Slamshine Allie and Off The Wreckord were constantly getting through the pack at the same time. Kelly Krueger would deliver a huge hit to the jammer and Diane Wilkinson would match it with a powerful check on BRG’s jammer. Unfortunately, BRG’s blockers got into a little penalty trouble, allowing DC’s jammers an easy pass through the pack. But BRG is made of fighters. Fear N. Loathin’ did her best to lessen the point gap when she stepped up to the jammer line. Fear was able to burst out of the pack with some beautiful toestop footwork and make her way around the track, lapping the pack and the other jammer twice before being forced to call the jam. BRG fought until the very last second. The last jam of the game pitted Poppy against Pushy Riot and boy was it a doozy. Poppy faced tough opposition from DC blockers, but was able to find her way out of the pack. Meanwhile, Pushy Riot was sent to the penalty box for a forearm. Poppy made good use of her time in the power jam, scoring as many grand slams as she could. But before too long, Poppy was called for a cut track and sent to the box, allowing Pushy Riot to rack up the grand slams. 11061203_375530252646166_4052231837273305746_n

The jam timed out after an intense fight from both sides, leaving the score at 183 DC and 120 BRG. No MVPs were formally announced for the Brawlers game, but word at the after party was Kelly Krueger and Diane Wilkinson were the blockers and Slamshine Allie and Pushy Riot were jammers.

Brawlers MVPs:
Krueger, Slamshine

Maulers MVPs:
Wilkinson, Riot

Game 2: The Belligerents vs The DC All-Stars

The Belligerents game was seriously intense! The teams were so evenly matched, there was almost a 50/50 split of lead jammer title between the two teams!

11156150_375587005973824_590075085867020815_nThe first jam started off with Buenos D. A$$ up against Rocky Brawlboa. Rocky was able to break through the pack first, but she was so quickly followed by Buenos  that she was forced to call off the jam before either team scored points. Raggedy Aneurysm grabbed the first point of the game in the next jam, but Byers Remorse was close behind and only let her have one point.  The Belligerents pulled ahead after that, but the gap was quickly reduced when Slam Grier scored the first power jam of the game.  The jammers in this game were neck and neck in most jams, and the points really came from how well the blockers could hold them back.  Belligerents managed to hold the lead, but coming into halftime Kung Pow Kitten and Rocky Brawlboa get a few good jams, shortening the lead to 83-75.  It’s in the second half that Sugar High begins to jam for the All-Stars, scoring a few points using the strength and skill necessary to break through a wall of Belligerent blockers.  It was this jam that set up Slam Grier to get the lead change for DC while Raggedy Aneurysm passed the star to Cutthroat KC.  Byers Remorse then gets a power jam and scores 21 points while Skinny Guinea is in and out of the penalty box.  Not all is lost for the Belligerents, as Crash Bansheekoot races around the track with a power jam as Rapid ArrythMIA, Skinny Guinea, Thresher, and Anya Alnight keep the track clear for her to score 25 points and tie the game at 135-135!  11150532_375587675973757_3651367499633361170_nThe score goes back and forth until Raggedy Aneurysm grabs a power jam and 10 points to give the Belligerents some breathing room.  With one minute left the Belligerents are up by ten, and their blockers are doing a stellar job at holding the gap.  Raggedy Aneurysm gets four more points and calls it, and Crash races through and calls it, ending the bout at 163 to 149.  MVPs were Stabigail Adams as blocker and Slam Grier as jammer for DC, and Anya Alnight as blocker and Raggedy Aneurysm as jammer for Brandywine.

Belligerents MVP:
Alnight, Aneurysm

All-Stars MVP:
Adams, Grier

Home Opener Double Header Recap: BRG vs Suburbia Roller Derby

Game 1: The Brawlers vs The Backyard Bullies

SHUT. THE. FRONT. DOOR. It’s 2015 and the season has officially begun with a double header at home on March 21st against Suburbia Roller Derby. The Brawlers have welcomed some new faces: Valley Hurl and Optimist Prime, while welcoming back others after a hiatus due to injuries and life events: D-Bomb Dailey, Ka$h and Prizes and Jacquelyn Heat. An early season injury and illness to Don’T BeA Baby and Walker, WrexUs, Danger, respectively and retirement of Cherry Poppins, Jen Hex , Merry Deathstar, Sin Ickle, A. Moral and Knuckle Baby left the Brawlers skating shorthanded for this first game.

Caln Skating Center was PACKED for the season opener and the excitement was in the air. The Brawlers came out hot, a little too hot and UltraShear-her found herself in the box on the first jam. The nerves soon relaxed and the rust from the long winter started to fall off as the Brawlers jammers began to get lead on a regular basis. The defense also stepped up their game. Rontanamo Bay and Kelly Krueger held jammers by their lonesome while D-Bomb Dailey looked as she hadn’t missed a beat and stepped in forcing a cut track allowing Shear-her a power jam on her second trip to the track. Krueger was the Fred Astair of derby showing off her new footwork skills and owned the Suburbia jammer for half the track.

Not to be outdone, the 4 wall of mErica, D-Bomb, Ka$h and Prizes and VALociraptor held the opposing jammer to no passes allowing Fear N’ Loathin’ to score 14 points. Kreuger stepped back on the track with Jacquelyn Heat, Holly WallbangHer, Valley Hurl and Rontanamo Bay to shut down any hope of the Suburbia jammer making a pass. But penalties sent off all the blockers except WallbangHer. No worries, she held the jammer to turn one on the next jam by herself. Shear-her stepped in and picked up lead, Fear N’ Loathin’ found her groove and racked up some more points and we went to half time with a score of 100-72 in favor of BRG.

As well as things went for BRG the first half it was mostly Suburbia the second. Fatigue from a short bench and penalties racking up proved to be problematic for the brawlers as Suburbia chipped away at the lead little by little. D-Bomb continued to be a force by providing epic offense for Ka$h and Prizes. Shear-her was popping in and out of walls and Drop, Pop & Lock raced the opposing jammer to force a no point call off. The packs maintained fast speeds and the defense spread out allowing Suburbia jammers to start slipping through and scoring points. Optimus Prime stepped up with Ka$h and Prizes and held Suburbia’s jammer allowing two scoring passes for Drop, Pop & Lock. Wallbangher kept giving offense allowing Jacquelyn Heat to score. But in the end the short bench, fatigue and penalties were too much. Suburbia edged out the Brawlers with a score of 168-159.

Brawlers MVPs:
Drop, Pop & Lock and Ultra Shear-her

Backyard Bullies MVPs:
Leggy Fleming and Lash O’Ninetails



Game 2: The Belligerents vs Suburban Brawl

Nothing tastes sweeter than a rematch! After losing to Suburbia last season, the Belligerents were more than a little excited to get a second shot at taking down this formidable team. The tension and determination was thick in the air as the first jam started with both team’s jammers at a standstill. Suburbia’s Lauren Forcer was kept back by blockers Cutthroat KC, Anya Alnight, Ballerinka Barbie, and Rapid ArrhythMIA, while BRG’s own Skinny Guinea attempted to jump the apex but was sent to the box for a cut track penalty. Suburbia was able to pick up 10 points and call the jam before BRG scored anything. But have no fear BRG fans! Raggedy Aneurysm stepped up to the jammer line, ready to save the day! Suburbia’s jammer, Hollyhood, was no match for the unbreakable wall of KC, Anya, Mia, and DeckHerH8er. Rags immediately broke out of the pack as poor Hollyhood was knocked out of bounds again and again by the dream team of blockers, allowing Rags to grab 34 points without letting Suburbia get even just one! Buenos D. A$$ couldn’t just sit back and let Rags have all the fun. Buenos flew out of the pack, giving her lead jammer status and letting her call off the jam before Suburbia could gain any points. By halftime, the score was 152 BRG to 71 Suburbia.

The Belligerents came back from halftime hungry for points. Skinny Guinea started off the half by powering through the pack with seemingly no resistance. She was able to grab 4 points and call the jam just as the other jammer had broken free. Suburbia’s Lauren Forcer wasn’t going to go down without a fight. Ultra Shear-her was sent to the penalty box for cutting, allowing Lauren to race around the track for a 20 point jam for Suburbia. But Raggedy Aneurysm wouldn’t be outdone. Lauren had a 20 point jam so Rags picked up 21 points. The last jam of the game is a fast one for Buenos and Chocolate Femme & M. But in the end, Buenos is able to get the points and call the jam, ending the game at a score of 295 BRG and 115 Suburbia.

MVP jammers were BRG’s Raggedy Aneurysm and Suburbia’s Lauren Forcer.

Blocker MVPs were DeckHerH8er for BRG and Brawl Stanley for Suburbia.

March 2015 Featured Skater: Cutthroat KC #757

Cutthroat KC #757What direction would you like to see derby go into, globally as well as for yourself?
I love watching the sport grow yearly and seeing teams pop up internationally, as well as seeing the massive success of older/established leagues here in the U.S. Junior leagues are especially exciting because it helps to address an issue many leagues face: keeping a steady flow of new athletes to fill out their rosters. I hope derby continues to keep a blend of central organization (from such groups as the WFTDA) and locally governed, team-centric practices; I think this approach has contributed to derby’s overall growth and allows leagues to tailor coaching, play, and functioning to meet their needs. And I eagerly await the day when I can watch roller derby on television, just like any other sport!
What do you have to say to people that don’t believe derby is a sport, either because of the style of play, the uniforms or the lack of perceived athleticism?
UGH! These preconceived notions really upset me and just demonstrate a general lack of awareness about what it is we really do as skaters. I wish people could let go of their antiquated memories of “old” roller derby and come to a modern game with an open mind; I think those ignorant or uninformed about our sport would be really surprised and proud of all the work we do as amateur, non-paid, passionate athletes. Unfortunately women’s sports have always been subjected to judgments of athletic authenticity and useless chatter about clothing choice, appropriateness, etc. I welcome anyone who questions our strength and athleticism to try their hand at many of our skaters on/off-skate fitness regimens and dare them to not feel the burn!
What is the one thing you can’t live without when playing roller derby?
A hankie. Seriously; it’s a multi-purpose TOOL for real.
How do you find the balance between roller derby and “real” life?
Yo, derby IS my real life! I’ve been skating for 9 years now and having a life without derby is simply NOT an option. Balancing the training and league service requirements was a bit challenging through college and graduate school, but I’ve never struggled to keep derby a priority in my life. I think this is because it’s been a part of my life so long, it’s just an inextricable component of my life; I’ve also had total support and understanding from my family who recognize the value and love I hold for the sport. It also helps to have no more than 5 friends that don’t skate; when all your peeps are also skaters, you never have to rationalize missing social engagements.
Who is your biggest fan?
That has to be my mom; when we lived in Virginia and Arizona together, she never missed a game. And now that I live on the opposite side of the country, she really misses coming to support and cheer me on. She continues to support every league fundraising effort, works hard to try to get me every piece of derby gear I ask for my birthday, and even trekked out to Duluth for my first time playing in a divisional tournament! She came loaded with posters and a giant foam finger to cheer on BRG and fell in love with the team! I’m really grateful to have her in my corner for all things derby.