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Join BRG at Hannum’s Harley-Davidson in Chadds Ford, PA on Saturday August, 8th for an amazing night of great food (Couch Tomato Cafe, Whole Foods – Glen Mills, Master’s Baker) and refreshing beverages (Victor Beer and Exton Beverage). There will be a silent auction that you won’t want to miss! Tickets can be purchased here!

This FUNdraiser will assist the Belligerents with travel expenses later in August to the WFTDA Playoffs in Cleveland, OH. This is the 2nd year in a row that BRG will make an appearance in the D2 Divisional Playoffs! Read about it on and The Daily Local!

You can find out more information on our Facebook event page! Don’t miss out on our tshirt fundraiser; a unique design created by our very own Optimist Prime!

Recap Brandywine Brute Squad vs. Reading Derby Girls

12880_405898666275991_7764830316933400230_nIt’s HOT, HOT, HOT – with a heat advisory starting at 10am and 90% humidity on Sunday, July 18 it was more like the Brute Squad swam against the Reading Derby Girls instead of skated.  There was a consistent layer of moisture on the track turning it into a slip and slide.  It required constant mopping in order to get through the game. However, the game must go on, and on it went with the jammers, not the defense, stealing the show.  24, count’em, 24 jams in the first half alone – that’s more jams than the county fair!  The Brute Squad decided to play musical chairs with the panty using a 5 jammer rotation. Drop Pop N Lock started the game with a 12 point power jam. Fear N.  Loathin’ came out just two jams later with a power jam of her own, throwing up another 11 points. The lead volleyed back and forth until the 10th jam when mErica forced a Reading call off before they could score.  After that, the Brute Squad jammers dominated lead status taking lead for the next 6 jams.  The defense then kicked it up with Rapid ArrhythMIA and Chikki Sixx owning the Reading jammer, recycling her like a plastic bag.
The jammers stole back the11700930_405900379609153_3902532973733280836_n spotlight  getting another 4 leads in a row with some Fred Astaire-like footwork from Lurz Lemon.  Ka$h N. Prizes did some recycling of her own while Mia and Emma D. JennaRat, fresh back from a torn ACL occurring last season, forced the Reading jammer to pass the panty.  The first half ended with the Brute Squad on top 87-71.

The second half started off much the same as the first with Poppy getting lead followed by Lurz with lead and a panty pass by mErica to Mia.  Mia tossed in some jammer on jammer action at the end of the 3rd jam for the benefit of the crowd.  mErica came out on the 8th jam with rockets strapped to her skates making 3 scoring passes to Reading’s zero.  The second half continued much in this way, however Reading refused to die.  Chikki, Mia, Lurz and Ke$ha Later became a jammer’s worse nightmare forcing cut after cut.   However Rat and KP refused to be outdone and did some soul crushing of their own.
mErica decided to end the game with 2 more trips around the block free skate style, not even being touched by the opposing blockers.  Final score – Brute Squad takes it 187-167.11694763_405900946275763_4113980488262036594_n

Brute Squad MVP Jammer: mErica
Brute Squad MVP Blocker: Rapid ArrhythMIA

Reading MVP Jammer: Unsweetened
Reading MVP Blocker: Red Beet Baby

Recap BRG v. Ithaca

The morning of the Brandywine Roller Girls v. Ithaca’s Women’s League of Rollers came early in the morning, but was not devoid of excitement.  Both of these teams had played each other in 2014, and there was speculation on both sides how they would match up this time around.  With May’s WFTDA rankings putting BRG at 65 and Ithaca at 87 it was going to prove to be a day filled with fun and hard hitting derby.

Game 1: Brawlers v Blue Stockings

On the first whistle, both teams started slow, sizing each other up! BRG Brawlers Drop Pop–n-Lock sized up against Blue Stockings Boxseatz and both worked their way out of the pack- Drop Pop –n- Lock scoring the first four points of the game and calling it quickly to avoid Boxseatz getting any points. The next two jams worked the same with Jacquelyn Heat and Fear N. Loathin’ also getting points and calling the jam to hold the Blue Stockings scoreless.  11056584_392589014273623_8109942375205467999_nThe Blue Stockings answered by putting Boxseatz in jam 4 to grab a quick three points and hold BRG scoreless.  That single jam helped BRG to find their groove and the rest of the half proceeded with BRG walls containing the likes of Optimus Prime, Valley Hurl, Holly WallBangHer, Marissa Berlin, MRSA LA, and Ke$ha Later holding the Blue Stockings scoreless for a total of 20 out of 28 jams in the first half.  Kash & Prizes had a damaging power jam, picking up 19 points courtesy of her offensive smashing blocker, Rontonamo Bay.  Drop Pop –n- Lock also had a damaging 24-0 power jam which racked up the score for BRG.  The score at the half: 133-42 BRG.

11393148_392589544273570_2456407959349196454_nAt the start of the second half, the Blue Stockings kept their determination and focus on the game. They came into the second half not leaving any wiggle room for BRG. With a tweak in their strategy, they managed to hold BRG scoreless for 15 out of the 28 jams of the second half.  Walls containing the likes of AQ PunchHer, Con-Tagious, Occupational Hazard, Machete and Meatballs, Roger Blade, and Jagger made it extremely difficult for BRG’s jammers to get through, giving their jammers, Boxseatz and Waif of Mutilation, a chance to pop out to chase down BRG jammers to force a call off.  This wasn’t enough to help them towards a win, however – as BRG also held the Blue Stockings scoreless for the same amount of jams.  Ultimately, BRG came out on top with a score of 218-119 BRG.

Brawlers MVPs:
Jammer-Drop Pop –n- Lock, Blocker-Holly WallBangHer

Bluestocking MVPs:
Jammer-Boxseatz, Blocker-Sissy Sledgehammer

Game 2: Belligerents v SufferJets

Game two did not disappoint!  You could tell the match up was on point from the first whistle! SufferJets blockers Killa Watts, Akt 47, Thistle Thresher, and Ovarian Cyster held up the Belligerents jammer Skinny Guinea enough for their jammer Nora Morse to be able to grab a quick four points and call the jam before Skinny Guinea can make a scoring pass.  By the end of the third jam, it’s Belligerents 0, SufferJets 12.  The Belligerents forced some action for themselves in jam four.  11412147_392620060937185_7611592250014078279_n
Rapid ArrhythMIA, Skinny Guinea, Thresher and Anya Alnight pull a cut track on the SufferJet jammer Nora Morse!  On the power jam, the SufferJet blockers make Crash Bansheekoot work hard to score 15 points, hitting her out of the outside track boundary and recycling her to the back of the pack. The end of jam four brings the point total to BRG 15-SufferJets16.  Jam five brings a lead change with BRG 19 – SufferJets 16.  Jam six brings another lead change with the SufferJets jammer Ha Ha Hatchet on a power jam, scoring 15 points to bring the score to BRG 27-SufferJets 31.  About 15 minutes into the first half, Skinny Guinea scored 13 points on a power jam, and BRG takes the lead and remains in the lead for the rest of the half.  End of the first half, BRG 118 – SufferJets 70.

At the start of the second half, neither team was giving any headway to the other.  Nora Morse lined up with a power jam advantage at the start of the first half, Skinny Guinea in the penalty box from a failed apex jump from the end of the first half.  Nora Morse gains lead, but Skinny Guinea forces a call off with a quick run through the SufferJets blockers.  10176045_392620824270442_1073873593198412141_nThe tone of the second half was set.  Both teams held each other’s jammers jam after jam, and points were hard won all around.  Through
the second half, Belligerents kept the SufferJets to 15 scoreless jams while SufferJets held the Belligerents to ten.  Jammers Raggedy Aneurysm, Buenos Dias, and Slamshine Alley all fought hard to score their points.  It was equally difficult for SufferJet jammers Nora Morse, Ha Ha Hatchet, and Cold War to rack up points.  Raggedy Aneurysm had three high scoring jams totaling 41 points of the 99 while Nora Morse was the high scoring SufferJet jammer with two high scoring jams totaling 24 points out of the 74 scored in the second half.  In the end, the Belligerents came out victorious with a 217-144 score over the SufferJets.

Belligerents MVP:
Jammer-Buenos Dias, Blocker-VALociraptor

SufferJets MVP:
Jammer-Nora Morse, Blocker-Gorgeous Curves