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What is your favorite position and why?DSC_3609-280

I’m drawn to jamming because I love to go fast; it feels like flying.

What direction would you like to see derby go into, globally as well as for yourself? 

It will soon be an Olympic sport.  For myself, I’m always trying to find the balance between derby and family.

Have the skills required in your “everyday life” contributed to your experience in roller derby?

I’m resilient, persistent, aggressive, determined and out-going in real life and that has translated nicely to derby.  I think.  I genuinely love people and I’m also pretty lousy at hearing and internalizing negative feedback, which has landed me on the sponsorship and fundraising committees.  You can tell me “no” a million times but unless you actually throw me out or ask me to leave, I’ll keep coming back.  And derby needs funds so that gives me a way to contribute.

How do you find the balance between roller derby and “everyday” life?

It’s a daily struggle.  I wish I found derby when I was young and single because it’s the kind of sport that begs for addiction.

What has been your worst skate injury?

I broke my ankle at my first scrimmage.

What is your pre derby athletic background?  Do you continue these while playing derby?

When I found derby I was playing in a men’s roller hockey league and racing my mountain bike. Before that I competed in cross-country skiing, running, cross fit and “adventure” races.  In college I played ice hockey, rugby and rowed crew for Colgate University.  I imagine I’ll compete at something until the day I die.

What has been your biggest challenge? 

Not being able to do what I think I should be able to do.  It’s hard to meet frustration and disappointment on a regular basis but the moments of pure joy make it all worth it.

KP flying by as lead jammer!



Bout Recap: Home Season Opener vs. Ithaca League of Women Rollers

The Brandywine Roller Girls opened their home season on Saturday, March 15th with a double-header against the Ithaca League of Women Rollers (ILWR) from Ithaca, New York. BRG’s  took on ILWR’s BlueStockings in the first bout and the  played a hard-hitting game against the SufferJets in the second bout. Special thanks to the Mayor of Downingtown, Josh Maxwell, for cutting the ribbon to kick off the home season!

Within the first 5 minutes of the Brawlers/Blue Stockings bout, the score was 15 to 1, with the Brawlers in the lead.  An excellent play by Emma D JennaRat and Hustle Lynn brought the BlueStockings jammer back behind the pack. Both Ultra Shear-her from BRG and Planne B from ILWR had great jams in the first half. During the last jam of the 1st half, Jacquelyn Heat secured lead jammer during a power jam allowing the Brawlers to end the 3-15v1first half up 120 to 52.

In the second half, BlueStockings’ Tracher became the lead jammer and had a power jam but faced the powerful defensive wall of VALociraptor, Emma D JennaRat, and Hustle Lynn. Within the first 7 jams, Brawlers scored an additional 90 points. Communication between all the players could be heard in the crowd, and it was obvious both teams were working hard against one another. At the end, the Brawlers were victorious with a final score of 279 to 110.

The Belligerents/SufferJets bout began with an exciting first half in which the point lead changed many times. Not-Knotty and Skinny Guinea were a great jamming duo for the 3-15v3Belligerents. Penalties for both teams proved to be a disadvantage at times, and by the end of the first half the SufferJets were in the lead with a score of 97 to 75. A highlight of the second half was an exceptional 35-point jam by Not-Knotty. Dirty Rox-Tini and DeckHerH8er provided a challenge with their superb blocking, even when they were the only two BRG blockers on the track.

After a fast-paced and highly competitive game, the Belligerents were able to pull ahead in the second half, leading to a final score of 226 to 156.


In addition to the roller derby action, the Chester County Food Bank was the featured charity of the evening. Attendees and skaters were encouraged to bring donations of nonperishable food items to help stock the shelves and 250 pounds of food was collected! Help us to collect another 250 pounds when the Food Bank returns in May!

Thanks to the BlueStockings and the SufferJets for traveling down to play and providing a great night of derby to kick off our home season!


Brawlers v. BlueStockings

BRG Jammer – Thresher #23                         BRG Blocker – Emma D JennaRat #69

ILWR Jammer – Grease Kelly #V8                  ILWR Blocker – Gorges Curves #607

Belligerents v. SufferJets

BRG Jammer – Buenos D. A$$ #138               BRG Blocker – Dirty Rox-Tini #6

ILWR Jammer – Gunder & Lightening #55        ILWR Blocker – Chrysteria #46


2014 Away Bout Recap: DoubleHeader BRG vs Cincinnati Rollergirls (March 8th)

This past weekend the BRG Brawlers and Belligerents opened the 2014 season with an action packed away bout in Ohio against the Cincinnati Roller Girls.  Meeting on the track for the first time at Cincinnati Gardens the BRG Brawlers clashed with the CRG Violent Lambs in the B team bout, as the BRG Belligerents took on the higher WFTDA ranked CRG Black Sheep in the sanctioned A team bout.  It was an exciting evening for all, as Cincinnati Gardens is a true sports arena, complete with jumbo-tron, talented band and most importantly lots of CRG fans!

The Brawlers vs. Violent Lamb bout started with both jammers and blockers working hard.  There were some well-placed hits on the BRG jammers and fast CRG jammers that allowed CRG to take lead until the 12th jam.  Immediately following, the exchange of jammer lead started to become more even with BRG’s Rontanamo Bay and Ultra Shear-her capturing lead as well as other BRG jammers.  However, the slow start did prove to get the best of BRG and the half ended BRG: 60, CRG: 120.

The second half saw Brandywine come back stronger with smart hits notably by Sin Ickle DSC_4156.jpgand VALociraptor.  CRG and BRG Jammers traded lead and CRG penalties did allow for beneficial power jams on BRG’s part.  The Brawlers tighter walls and more consistent strategy held the score closer and fans continued to watch with care.  But in the end, CRG’s Violent Lambs skated away with the hard fought win with a final score of BRG: 167 and CRG: 260.

The Brawlers MVP’s were Jammer: Starbucks and Blocker: VALociraptor

The sanctioned bout between the Belligerents and the Black Sheep saw action right out of the gate with BRG’s Skinny Guinea taking lead jammer immediately and starting the points spread early never to be bridged.  Both teams had some early on blocker penalty trouble but BRG was able to make the most of it.  The teamwork and communication displayed by the Belligerent blockers coupled with big hits from Verve, DeckHerH8er and Party Crash Her forced the CRG jammers to work a great deal harder.  Together with the skillful skating of BRG jammers, Not-Knotty, Buenos D. A$$ and Skinny Guinea the Belligerents ended the first half with the lead.  BRG: 140 CRG: 55

Buenos jamming with a strong supporting Belligerents blocker line.


BRG’s Skinny Guinea started the second half fast as lead jammer causing the CRG announcers to refer to her as “an angry cheetah” on the track.  She and all the BRG jammers took a good amount of formidable hits from the CRG blockers but they were able to continue to quickly recover and widen their lead.  The competent blockers of BRG kept the hits coming with Dirty Rox-Tini, Rapid ArrhythMIA, Anya Alnight and Cutthroat KC proving to be truly menacing for CRG.  In the last jam, Not-Knotty yet again took lead and the bout ended with a final score of BRG: 217 CRG: 104.

The Belligerents MVP’s were Jammer: Skinny Guinea and Blocker: DeckHerH8er

The four super happy MVP’s!

DSC_5242.jpg Thank you to Keyesboard for all the great pictures of the action!

The Skatey Bunch – BRG Double Header Home Opener – March 15th 2014!

Don’t miss the Brandywine Roller Girls‘ double header home opener against Ithaca League of Women Rollers this Saturday, March 15th!

Brawlers vs. BlueStockings  &   Belligerents vs. SufferJets

Skatey BunchIt will be an evening jam packed with action!

Get your tickets here: http://brandywinerollergirls.ticketleap.com/the-skatey-bunch/

Our featured charity is the Chester County Food Bank.  Please give back to the community by bringing one (or more) canned food item(s) to the bout this Saturday to support their efforts. (Each person who donates will receive $1 worth of BRG Bucks to be used at our merch counter!)


We’ll see you tomorrow!